We Design & Install

With over 20 years combined experience, we guarantee a stress free experience.

We Design & Install

We design & install custom high quality Solar Systems & PV Installations for large scale commercial and residential sectors.

We meet with our clients to understand their objectives and requirements in terms of performance, peak loads, energy needs and schedule of usage. We also offer detailed logging systems for pre-analysis on larger commercial projects to ascertain their maximum demand and day night energy balance. We then design a system based on the understandings of these needs and do a full turnkey installation. Our company offers a 1 year installation workmanship warranty. View our product guarantees here.

Why Use Us

20 Years Experience & Technical Expertise

Gavin Hobson, Director and founding partner of Widowbird Solar Solutions and SolarBW and his team are passionate about Solar Energy and Sustainable Solutions. Their knowledge and expertise focus on the technical and economical optimization of the solar installations.

Design Optimisation & Maximum Cost Savings

Our most cost-effective designs are done on a site-by-site basis as each location and customer profile is sufficiently unique to require custom analysis. We strive to design systems that are most cost effective, reduces reliance on the national grid and helps our clients save and contribute towards the sustainability of the environment.

Measurable Results & Excellent Service

Our clients cost savings and energy measurements are calculated accurately, giving the percentage in reduction of grid usage or complete elimination of grid usage and energy independence. We offer continued support, remote monitoring and assistance wherever and whenever needed.

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Elephant Sands Installation

Elephant Sands is a remote lodge between Nata and Kasane in Northern Botswana.

Shinde Camp – Project by Nature Zone

Nature Zone required a new, complete Solar Plant for this Camp. Commercial Off grid – January 2020

Savuti – Project by Nature Zone

Genset back up 100Kwp PV system with 90kva 3 phase Victron Fronius Hybrid and Freedom Won Commercial Battery.

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