Solar power now the answer for domestic needs


Solar power now the answer for domestic needs

Solar power now the answer for domestic needs

Scalable solutions available when you ask the experts

When it comes to Eskom everyone has an opinion. People are quick to complain and quick to blame. Everyone knows what they should have done better or shouldn’t have done at all. But while people are happy to indulge in the blame game they are much less focussed on how they can take control of their own destiny. How they can power their own lives, if you will.

Yes, life during load-shedding can be hard, but that isn’t only Eskom’s fault. There is plenty that the average person can do to make those horrible and inconvenient hours without power a whole lot more bearable. And what’s more, your solution does not need to be an environmental nightmare either.

Fossil fuel powered generators that make an enormous racket while they crank out enough power to keep your lights on and your neighbours reminded of your foresight, are simply not the answer. The world has come a long way in a short time and there are now an amazing array of solutions available that can be scaled and tailored to fit your needs and your budget.

Victron and Freedom Won products available in Botswana and South Africa

World-class sustainable energy products like Victron Inverters and Freedom Won lithium iron phosphate batteries are readily available in South Africa. As are RenewSys solar panels. Widowbird Solar in Botswana and SolarBW in South Africa are proud distributors of these products and while solutions can be provided at an industrial level, there are also a wide number of options available for domestic use as well.

Picture it: It is just shy of 6pm, you have been home from work for little more than 20 minutes. You need to prepare dinner, wash sports clothes for the kids and you were kind of looking forward to watching your favourite soapie as well. Then BOOM! Power goes down as Eskom shifts from the awkwardness of Stage Two to the downright shameful of Level Four. The outage that you had not been anticipating is suddenly upon you and what’s worse; it looks like you will be in the dark until after 10pm. You might as well go to bed!

That’s probably a very familiar scenario to many Africans. But it doesn’t have to be. Speak to a consultant from a reputable company like Widowbird Solar in Botswana or SolarBW in South Africa and they will happily recommend a solution for your needs.

Excellent solutions that go beyond hot water

When talking domestic use most people are aware that solar panels can be used to power the geyser which is a great way to lower the impact on the electricity bill. But photo-voltaic panels can also be used to generate power that can be stored on-site in batteries. Inverters are another great solution that can ensure the lights stay on when the giant power stations stop working.

The size and scale of the solution you need will depend on what you are looking for. But it is safe to say that something that ensures the television will still work, that the appliances will keep going and that the lights can keep shining, will not cost a fortune. It will certainly make you the envy of your neighbours as your house shines like a lighthouse in the midst of a sea of darkness.

But remember, it is not just convenience that you are paying for. You are also taking control of your own needs and potentially feeding power back into the grid. Moreover, you are implementing a solution that is good for the world. Solar is a sustainable solution that doesn’t create pollution. It is quiet, clean and efficient and the costs of installing it are coming down almost daily.

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