We Distribute Leading Products

We distribute High Quality products at the Most Competitive Prices

We Distribute Innovative, Leading Products

We distribute high quality products at the most competitive prices and offer product guarantees and warranties specific to each product we sell.

Batteries, Inverters and Solar Panels aren’t all made equal, which makes the brand you choose very important. The products we supply and distribute offer next generation advances, with quantum increases in service life and operational efficiency at a fraction of the cost, compared to other energy products and options. We are distributors of Freedom Won Batteries, Fronius Inverters and Monitoring Systems, Renewsys Solar PV Modules and all Victron Energy Products. We offer product guarantees and warranties specific to each and every product we supply.

SolarBW also has an extensive range of Disinfectant Mats, Social Distancing Mats, First Step Hospital Grade Mats, Anti-Microbial Mats and Hygiene Mats designed to improve hygiene and reduce walked in bacteria and other particles. We supply heavy-duty and domestic entrance mats for hospitals, commercial, industrial and residential use. Our range includes contemporary and traditional designs, can be personalised and offer a wide variety of sizes, colours and wear grades for indoor and outdoor dirt/moisture control. We also supply Capacity Counters to manage the constantly changing amount of people in a public venue at any given time, Free-standing foot pump Hand Sanitizer Units as well as PET Protective Face Shields.

Why Use Us as a Distributor

Distributors of Leading Products

We are the proud distributors of some of the worlds’ leading solar brands and products.

Most Competitive Pricing

Products aren’t all made equal, we only supply the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

Product Guarantees

We offer warranties and guarantees specific to each and every product we supply.

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Elephant Sands Installation

Elephant Sands is a remote lodge between Nata and Kasane in Northern Botswana.

Shinde Camp – Project by Nature Zone

Nature Zone required a new, complete Solar Plant for this Camp. Commercial Off grid – January 2020

Savuti – Project by Nature Zone

Genset back up 100Kwp PV system with 90kva 3 phase Victron Fronius Hybrid and Freedom Won Commercial Battery.

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