Gavin Hobson

Gavin Hobson

Gavin Hobson

Company Position:  Director

Linkedin Profile:  Gavin Hobson

As team leader with over 20 years in the renewable energy industry, Gavin has extensive experience designing and installing various solar systems including small scale DC Micro Systems as well as residential and medium to large scale commercial on and off grid systems . His wealth of experience in both electrical as well as solar PV systems allows him to adapt existing DB and electrical installations to solar PV including load balancing and load shifting. He is also incredibly experienced in quantifying and reducing typical load factors. Gavin has concluded partnerships and exclusive distribution deals with some of the leading brands in the solar industry and focusses on providing excellent service and supplying only the highest quality core products and brands to all clients.

Tanith Hobson

Tanith Hobson Company Position:  Director Linkedin Profile:  Tanith Hobson Tanith Hobson joined SolarBW in 2019. She has published of a number of internationally recognized books and is one of the founding partners of a unique travel website called which promotes sustainable and exceptional properties...

Obrien Kgajwane

Obrien Kgajwane Company Position: Lead Installer Obrien has as a wealth of experience in construction methods, including various roof types. He has been permanently employed with Widowbird Solar Solutions for over 3 years and has undergone extensive onsite training regarding installations and products utilised ....

Keleadile Seduke

Keleadile Seduke Company Position:  Energy Engineer Linkedin Profile:  Keleadile Seduke Keleadile Seduke is an energy engineer by profession having acquired her bachelor’s degree from BIUST, Botswana. She holds certifications in Business Leadership as well as Customer Service Excellence and Effective Communication Skills. She has participated...