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Freedom Won Advanced Lithium Iron Batteries

Widowbird Botswana and SolarBW South Africa are proud distributors of Freedom Won Litium Iron Phosphate Batteries. The LiFePO4 allow you to completely Optimise Your Stationary Power

Widowbird Solar Botswana and SolarBW South Africa are proud distributors of Freedom Won Advanced Lithium Iron Batteries batteries and are definitely on the inside track of the LiFe PO4 revolution! Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells, also known as LiFePO4 have a quarter life cycle cost compared to lead acid batteries. The upfront costs for a pack vary from similar to double depending on the application, but one must consider that in 3 to 6 years’ time the lead acid batteries must be replaced and the LiFePO4 cells will last 13 to 20 years depending on the application and pack design. It is not a case of LiFePO4 being affordable, it is a case of can one afford to use lead acid?

Freedom Won Advanced Lithium Iron Batteries LiFePO4 cells have revolutionised the potential and life cycle cost of operating battery based power systems. These cells cost more upfront however they have a cycle life 10 times that of typical deep cycle lead acid batteries.

LiFePO4 cells are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate loads of a few amps to over 1000 amps. They can deliver sustained high power without excessive heat generation.
There are no gases released and LiFePO4 cells are also thermally stable. They can be charged repeatedly to full capacity in less than 60 minutes with no appreciable loss in performance.

LiFePO4 Batteries vs Lead Acid

Backup and Off Grid Battery Packs Using Superior Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Cells is the next Generation of Energy Storage.

Freedom Won Advanced Lithium Iron Batteries Phosphate cells,  or LiFePO4 for short,  are beginning to dominate the alternate energy storage sphere amongst the more discerning designers and customers in Europe and some other parts of the world. Freedom Won has been using these cells in electric vehicles for nearly four years already and is now also providing this superior technology for stationary power applications or all sizes.

Freedom Won provides competitive prices made possible by bulk imports as well as
comprehensive technical backup and design assistance. Freedom Won has also now extended the battery warranty in most applications to 5 years spurred by our confidence gained from our own test programme in electric vehicles, which is far more demanding on the batteries than stationary power systems. The expected life in off grid systems is more than 10 years, and as much as 20 years in grid tied back up installations with occasional cycling. The end of life is defined by the cells containing 80% of their Beginning of Life (BoL) capacity. The capacity deterioration over time is linear (the deterioration does not become substantially more rapid with extended use), and the cells could therefore be used for much longer periods if a lower end of life capacity is acceptable.

The initial higher cost of installing a LiFePO4 system as compared to Lead batteries is
dramatically overshadowed by the savings in the total life cycle cost, calculated as a cost per kWh delivered by the battery pack during its lifetime. Even Lead Crystal batteries cannot compete on life cycle cost. The lifetime cost per kWh can be as low as 25% of the cost of typical lead acid deep cycle batteries. The main reason for this is that the cells offer up to 10 times the number of cycles than your average deep cycle lead battery and as much as 5 times that of the more robust single cell types. This is especially apparent in cases of high current discharge and charging scenarios, further contrasted by high ambient temperatures, both of which are not suitable for lead batteries.

Another top benefit to the customer is the far greater efficiency of the LiFePO4 cell, which is typically better than 96%. A typical efficiency for lead batteries is 65%, although empirical data has demonstrated as low as 55% in a house PV system where the Depth of Discharge (DoD) is limited to 20% as a measure to lengthen the life of the lead acid cells. In a grid tied back up scenario this results in significant energy savings when recharging the batteries, and in a Photo Voltaic (PV) installation it enables a reduction of the size of the array by as much as 30% with the same usable energy.

The advantages of LiFePO4 cells over lead cells are extensive so a full elaboration is not included in this article. Please feel free to contact SolarBW and Widowbird Solar, proud distributors of Freedom Won products, for further information.

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